Monday, 31 August 2009


OK! so its bank holiday monday and I'm bored to tears. So I thought i'd find something to do. I've been slowly trying to work out painterly looking techniques for a while now. And theres way more to it than just custom brushes! Heres some attempts I did yesterday and today. Sorry about the bad drawing, I think once I understand the technique better, I can focus on what I'm actually drawing.
Theres Al Simmons, Batman, and some detective guy.


Clo said...

Awesome! I really love that Batman, and the whole page actually.

Scott Altmann said...

yeah - what Clo said. These have a nice painterly energy to them[

PaoYunSoo said...

awesome man, love those last spaceship, many upgrade !!

so what are yoyu doing now, you have finish your school ?

alice said...

batman is TOO GOOD.

Aly Fell said...

Lovely work Jon... you'll have to educate me to the paintiness of things! :)

Jon McCoy said...

Clo - Thanks for the kind words Clo <3
Scott - Cheers bro. Was a pain trying to work it out. Still got alot to learn :S
Paul - Hiya matey, thanks! I'm working at Crytek now. Last I heard you were going to Rockstar yeah?
Alice - ta :D
Aly- Hiya mate! Thanks. I'm in nottingham now man. We should have a drink sometime :)

Aidan said...

Nice work kid...reaaaal nice.