Monday, 14 September 2009


Hey all. Heres a just finished image. It was born of the frustration I'm having of trying to render up a line drawing. I just cant seem to do it at all. I either do a dedicated line drawing, or a painterly mass'ed in image like this one. I may just have to keep them separate! If anyone's got any tips I'd be grateful.


robin_chyo said...

you make it look so easyyyy.. :p nice work, man!

Ted said...

lovin' it fella! Good to see you working hard still...!

Jon McCoy said...

Cheers Robin, how you getting on man?

Ted!! hiya matey. How you getting on too? Any luck with the job situation?

PaoYunSoo said...

still have the same problem, don't know how to change it : ( maybe after finishing the line drawing, forget it and start as a new painting, to keep the line as small oppacity ... don't know : p

but don't be too worry, it still look awesome : )

Anonymous said...


Fisrt of all I´d like to say I love your work. Who cares you can´t do lineart, and render that? As long as the outcome is great, that's OK, isn't it?

Second, I love your style it's awesome, how do you brush? (With what settings?)

Small tip:
Artgerm from ImaginaryFS likes to render this way:
Maybe that style is good for you, I'd say: Try it out!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and my name is Guido Bouman by the way. ;)

(My OpenID server is still a little buggy)

Jon McCoy said...

Hey Paul, yeah I was thinking about something similar like that. Like just using the lineart as a plan for pose and details, but starting on a blank piece to get those painterly strokes. Ill give it a try

Guido: Thanks for the link mate. Yeah artgerms got a cool process. I'll have to give that a go too. As for brushes my main ones are: Hard round with pressure set to size (not opacity), then just lower the overall opacity of the brush. I also have a flow brush which is another hard round, with a low flow amount (gets a nice oil-like stroke). Hope that helps

alice said...

i don't think you really need to worry about it, but what i do is just colour in over/under line work using multiply or overlay layers, then work over the top on a normal layer. Often the lines are entirely gone, but you keep the accuracy and detail that you get with making a drawing first!

shivaree said...

hey bud, love the dynamic action of some of ya last pieces. i can deffo see a more painterly style developing. keepe up the good works mithter or you'll be in big trouble!
(David Carradine)

Jon McCoy said...

Hey Alice, cheers :) I didnt think about making the lines overlay, tis a goood idea!

Stu Thanks blud. I'll be in manc land soon brrraaapp! (and get an update going!!)

John Patrick Deza said...

Wow nice stuff in this blog, nice to see new talents at Crytek.