Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Ok so I've been really meaning to do more personal work, but I started working at Crytek recently. So most of my time has been spent moving and getting setup again. Thought I'd get back int
o with some vehicle sketching.

I also need to redeem my character work after the previous fuck up :P


robin_chyo said...

looks great! love how all your tech pieces share the same consistent style!

Jon McCoy said...

Hiya mate.
Thanks :D
Yeah I'm really focussing on trying to find my own style with these vehicles. Like you can always recognise a giger piece...or a Berkey space ship. Just something that isn't the generic sci-fi style. I've tried bringing it through into my character designs aswell :S (the nation priest portrait).

Neil Roberts said...

Fantastic, as ever Jon! You've got such a loose yet focussed style. Good work on getting into Crytek - make sure to give AidanW a poke in the ribs from me! Might see you around.

Keep up the GREAT work,


Scott Altmann said...

Yeah - man this is great. I gotta echo Robin - you seem to be successful in nailing down that "Jon McCoy Vehicle".
Congrats on the new gig too!

Jon McCoy said...

Thanks for the kind words guys.

Lady T said...

Hey I love your artwork, just had a look through, nice technique!
I also work at Crytek (Frankfurt). Are you working at the Nottingham branch or freelancing? :)