Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Hey! So thought I'd open this pic up to you all and ask you if you'd help me out with some crits? Please, rip it to bits!
I included a bit of the process too.


Riox said...

Hey man, I like it!

One thing though, you seem to have lost a lot of definition in the background and in the final image the back 3 guys sort of run together. I think you need to make those guys pop a little bit more. Also the front guys right hand gun needs bringing out more.

I understand an image needs atmosphere but not so much you lose the main focus of the image. Thats about all I can say. Maybe when I get to your level i'll have more to say :P.

Hope your keeping well bro.

Daniel Harries said...

Heya brother. Long time, hope your good mate.
Gotta agree with Riox, this is a nice style but for me you should bring out the key features more; I actually didnt even notice that the middle two guys were two guys. It was only from seeing your sketch that I could suss it, which is a shame because in the sketch there are some nice designs that get completely lost; the lower middle guys hat, the difference between the collar and the face of the guy on the far left, the guns of the guy on the far right.
Your losing a lot of information without really leaving the eye anything left to fix on, perhaps think of 'level of detail' in the same way as you think of values would help, get contrast between abstract and specific shapes in the same way as you do your light and darks.

we need to catch up dude.

chat soon

Adrian Majkrzak said...

Very cool atmosphere and brushwork man! Echoing what the other guys said, I'd really use your values to separate those 3 guys on the left and emphasize their overlap to give you some depth back and not see them as all one ambiguous mass. You can still lose some edges in spots to keep the overall mood. And a bit more detail in the focal areas (and especially those expressive hands.. they're really nice in the sketch and they all but disappear in the later stages) should make this thing sing. Can't wait to see the final!

andrew domo said...

This one is a great exploration, man. I really love where you went with it.

dorobo said...

maybe try puting sketch back on top of a painted version.. those black lines should add some contrast too