Sunday, 18 July 2010


So I think I have to attribute these sketches to Christopher Nolan. Inception really did blow me away, regardless of hype. I could pretty much go on for a while about it, but I'll just say, go see it! And get hold of the soundtrack too.
With these sketches, I realised something about learning that seems obvious when I say it, but as much as thinking and studying something is import for learning...the doing is just as if not more important for learning. Sometimes not thinking, just playing will teach you things you didn't even consider.
Hope you like em!


Simon Butters said...

Love these Jon, its hard to see where you start and finish with these I think this is down to you using a whole range of techniques? rather than just licking away with a round brush then overlaying a texture at the end. BTW got the soundtrack a few days ago..... awsome!

jake gumbleton said...

That film made me want to paint too. So much visual richness in there. There is no finer thing for painting to than a Hans Zimmer soundtrack either!
Awesome work John. I love you :)

Billy Wimblett said...

Oh wow these are really nice. Lots of juicy textures, atmosphere etc, good stuff! I'm dying to see the movie myself, should be doing so pretty soon. I haven't looked at the soundtrack yet because I don't want the cue names to give even the slightest hint away haha :P

Scott Altmann said...

Great paints Jon! Seeing Inception Monday...I'm pumped even more now :)

Lady T said...

All cool of course, I think the bottom is my fave, really nice texture and feeling to it. Wouldn't mind a pleasant stroll through these landscapes, though something feels a little unsafe about em ;D