Thursday, 15 April 2010


Long time no update! Got into a slump and I'm trying to get out of it.
So heres a remotely driven bike. I loved extremeG on the N64 and that kinda influenced this! Hope you like it.


Anonymous said...

Very awesome, I really love your technique, it feels like a mix of vector tools and sweet custom brushes... I remember seeing your work on the ConceptShips blog, but I was happy to discover you do characters, environments and props as well! Your talent is inspiring, to say the least.

jake gumbleton said...

This is you in a slump ?
I LOVE this bike. There is such a strong design sense in all your stuffs.
Looking forward to saturday mate!

Vaughan Ling said...

Extreme g was the shit. I played it recently though and it made my eyes bleed haha.

Ryan Stevenson said...

Jaw......floor.....interface. Your getting a inappropriate man hug for this.

Lady T said...

Really cool! Looks gorgeous and futuristic!

Riox said...

Jon! How are you?
This is fucking sweet! Extreme G is a fucking awsome game and I can see the influence. I only log on blogger to check out this thread.

You have a fantastic style and it really suits you as a person. I'm still finding your work not only envious but inspirational too. I just wish I'd put in the hours you did all those years ago. I have finally started to find art as an escape from reality. All those studies you told me to do, I shrugged off but now I realise just how important they are.

Really, this comment is to say I'm really happy that you have got where you've always wanted to be and your doing exactly what you want to do. Well done mate it really did pay off!

If you want to see where I'm at now, I'm on Ifx. This is the address

It'd be great to hear from you bro, it's been too long!


Simon Butters said...

Really nice design Jon, love this last one...... its a shame your not still at uni so i can pick your brains on this one, keep em coming mate.

Billy Wimblett said...

Holy shit this design is awesome! Love the art style too.

You've got some killer concepting skills Jon :)

Scott Altmann said...

That is so great - the design is killer