Saturday, 6 February 2010


Trying to learn and improve the ol' environments. Been really inspired by the incredible MassEffect2 which was so epic is blew up my xbox and red-ringed it. So I'm playing Dantes Inferno in the mean time.
The main enviro guy on mass effect was Mikko K whos work blows me away. So I wanted to try 'decode' his approach. Hope you like!


CeeJay said...

Hey, man these are great, been ages since i looked at your stuff(i stalk you from D:) How did your transport design qualification go? you finished that?

Scott Altmann said...

These are so great Jon- dynamic, nice shapes and great lighting.
Been hearing good things about ME 2-I should get that. Or Bioshock2 ...or both?
Love Mikkos' work as well

robin_chyo said...

man, im seeing me2 fanart everywhere! i feel like im missing out on something. nice speedies, jon!

Aidan said...

good work! particularly like the top one, great texture detail

Jon McCoy said...

CeeJay: Hi man, yeah got that out of the way now (my final projects a few posts down). Working at crytek now :)
Hope youre well!

Scott: Many thanks amigo! Yeah ME2 is just something else. I really wanna complete bioshock 1 before daring to get 2. Got a track for ya to check out. Its called nineteen seven by HECQ.

Robin: Yeah ha, I hate the fact im doing fanart, just got alot of inspiration going on :D Cheers bro

Aidan: thanks man, been really studying the wilson technique recently.