Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Hi, heres a pretty dodgy enviro speedpaint for the evenin. I really need to get some good enviros going. Amongst the billion other things @_@
I've been experimenting with getting the indicated detail into shapes and looking at ways to soften edges to add some atmosphere. I'm a waaay off yet, but I'm liking the results so far. And by all means, tell me if you think this is shite! :D


Ted said...

looks pretty good to me! I really like how vivid the light source is, adds a lot of depth to the scene! keep at it fella!

Neil Roberts said...

It certainly isn't shite - I'm really liking the soft/hard and lost edges. Fantastic - can we see more please!


Aidan said...

well you know what i think...GREAT JOB!

PaoYunSoo said...

The 2 last painting are really sweet man !! nice work

Lady T said...

It's shite! ONLY KIDDING ;D Really nice of course :) I always prefer a lot of speed paintings to anything polished, there's more life to them.
*Thumbs up*