Friday, 24 July 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates. I've got no internet at the moment, but hopefully when that gets sorted I can get back into my personal stuff. This guy is for my personal never-ending project called Nation. I'm really trying to get a decent lineart to painting workflow going. I hope to spend some more time on this guy. So any suggestions are very welcome!


robin_chyo said...

looking good, jon! cant wait to see it fleshed out :) hope you're settling in nicely at the new studio!

shivaree said...

mate ausom sketch man, just make sure you dont loose all that lovely detail thats in the line work!. look forward to seeing it finished.

Jon McCoy said...

Cheers amigos.
I've still not got the net at home ¬____¬. Yeah the new jobs going good :D, where you at now robin??
Yeah I'll try keep it in there stewie, its a fine line innit.

Scott Altmann said...

looks awesome so far, and i like the lineart too .
Nation - that sounds badass. Why are you so badass ?