Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Hi, just trying to keep my ID stuff going. Its a constant balance between that, enviros and characters. So yeah I love wipeout....alot. I believe it really formed my design tastes when I was young. So I decided to try some anti-grav ships with some stylistic colour. Hope ya like em. I also recorded the detailing stage of the lower one.

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Ryan Stevenson said...

Nice stuff jon, but you don't need me telling you that. So to push you, as you seem to normally do gray scale vehicle designs how about a full colour one next time....but I do love the greyscale with the splashes of colour it just looks so cool. Off to look at your stream now.

Neil Roberts said...

Great stuff Jon, as always! I want to see more character stuff, but that's just me being greedy ;)

Unknown said...

Cheers guys!

Ryan, yeah I was thinking that'd have to be the next level. A full colour design. Really wanna do the colour right though. I dont like it when the overlay colour wash over greyscale approach is too obvious. I like solid looking colour, but its tough :S

Neil, thanks ha yeah I'll try do more character work. I've also got to get some enviros on here again too. Do them at work but I'm not really happy in general with my enviros at the moment.

Aidan said...

i hope there's more of this in 2010 - vrooooooommmmmmm